U – Autodesk Announced Open 3D Printer and an API program called Spark

By on May 23, 2014
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Days ago at MakerCon Autodesk, announced their yet-to-be-named “Autodesk 3D Printer.”  According to Carl Bass, the design “will be made publicly available to allow for further development and experimentation.” in RepRapish style.

We really look forward to understand more. That’s an interesting move.

Also Spark API concept looks interesting:

Spark is an open 3D printing software platform that sits between digital information and 3D printing hardware.  It will include the necessary algorithms (for example slicing and supports) to easily convert 3D models into the necessary format for 3D printing.  It will also include tools for checking and repair of 3D models, utilities for print preview that are compatible with mobile and desktop operating systems, cloud connectivity, and the ability to publish and share models.  Spark will be a highly extensible platform, with SDKs and APIs for software developers, materials engineers and designers who will be able to create software, services, and information on top of the platform.

via Autodesk Announces Open DLP 3D Printer and Spark API | MAKE.

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