Top Projects for a Merry Christmas

By on December 24, 2015
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Over the years we presented several projects to celebrate Christmas.
it is time to present those who have had the greatest success.


1°: Spherebot Reloaded: Customize Your Xmas


Let’s create a plotter to decorate Christmas Tree balls with writing and drawings.

Christmas is coming you dusted off your xmas tree and decorated it: everybody try to make it different, buying new decorations and balls of different colors. Well, if you are looking for something original, think of making your personalized balls with drawings and writings at will.

Here comes this machine: a printer, or better to say a plotter, which will draw with a marker on spheres at will, derived from models transformed into G-code files. The machine is easily doable with a few 3D printable pieces (we’ll provide the relative models in a special Thingiverse page) and a control board which is the same of the 3Drag. A computer will be needed for the appropriate printing software.

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2°: Arduino DMX shield for Christmas projects


This shield allows to connect an Arduino with DMX equipment. It implements the RS485 interface to adapt the electrical levels needed for DMX connection.

This shield has been designed with flexibility in mind and allows the user to choose between several Arduino pins for digital input and output of DMX data, it supports a microSD slot and also has the serial connection to support a serial LCD display.

This design allows basic operation of DMX through simple pre programmed messages stored in the Arduino Sketch or, with the proper libraries and programming, it could well become a standalone system with playback capabilities of sequences stored on the microSD. When needed, this solution is also a suitable interface for a PC sending through a serial port the DMX commands.

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3°: Presepino: the nativity scene with Arduino

presepino featured

A light system, capable of simulating the alternation of night and day, that will make your nativity scene – be it a small or a big one – even more realistic. Our circuit is capable of piloting four light loads, corresponding to the daylight, to the brilliance of the stars, to the household hearths, and to the guiding star. It allows the control of LEDs and of a NeoPixel strip.

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4°: Light up your XMAS from your Smartphone



Every year at Christmas we always want to try something new for lighting up our decorations: everyone wants to impression friends and families coming to visit with her creativity! So, this year we propose you an interesting idea: a system that manages the lighting according to your favorite song.

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5°: DIY LED Plexiglass christmas decorations



Very few components, plexiglass and a CNC are the ingredients to make wonderful brilliant figures to decorate the Christmas tree or our house this Christmas and New Year. Let’s see how to do it.

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6°: An intelligent XMAS Lamp to Light up your Christmas!



The Christmas eve is approaching and – even if we’re a bit late on this – we make a Christmas Lamp, capable of emitting light of the same color of the surface it is laid on!

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And more and more….



Mery christmas from Open-Electronics


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