Today is “The Day”: Maker Faire Rome Starts Today!

By on December 1, 2017
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Today finally starts the European Edition of Maker Faire.

Until 3rd December Maker Faire Rome offers a huge schedule where you can find workshops, performance, talks and events dedicated to kids and adults. To participate you have to reach the room where the event will be taken a few minutes before its beginning ( participation depends on the capacity available on arrival).

You can take a look at the program here.

At Maker Faire Rome, thanks to Arrow, you’ll find an ecosystem that thrives on making life easier for innovators like you and taking your products to production.

“Indeed, for a one-stop help center at the event, look for Arrow Electronics at booth 7.A.11 (Pavilion 7—Interaction) as well as the main presentation area to speak with our experts about your challenges. The road from idea to invention and onto production is made easier when paved with component technology, engineering advice and collaboration.”

Arrow is one of the few supply chain enablers that provides end-to-end support, right from component selection and supply through design tools and advice, validation of prototypes to funding and even marketing support. Its Indiegogo platform plays a big part in not only funding but giving you direct access to customer feedback on functionality during the early stages of development.

All this and much more awaits you at Maker Faire Rome:  so what are you waiting for? Better hurry up!

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