The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter by WAZER, 500% funded in 2 days on Kickstarter

By on September 15, 2016
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Amazing product and 500% funded in only two days, here is Wazer, the first desktop waterjet cutter, that will be also open sourced (the hardware part at least):

WAZER is the first waterjet cutter that can fit in every workshop. It cuts through any material and is compact and contained, making it, clean, safe and quiet to operate. WAZER’s digital control achieves detail and accuracy impossible by hand, while freeing you up to complete other tasks.

Being makers and product designers we understand the drawbacks and benefits of both open and closed hardware systems. We intend on having WAZER’s electronics hardware be open for the numerous benefits it can bring to waterjet technology.

WAZER can cut through any material, which allows you to make things with professional-grade quality. Waterjets, however, are known for being large and expensive machines that require significant infrastructure and high maintenance. For these reasons most individual makers and small businesses don’t have access to a waterjet.

WAZER works by combining sand-like abrasive particles with a high-pressure water stream. The mixture exits the nozzle and cuts through the workpiece, removing material through a micro-erosion process. The abrasive used, referred to as “garnet”, consists of rock that is ground to very small and consistent particle sizes. Garnet is a commodity, it is non-toxic and is easily disposable.

Software: With WAZER, going from design to cutting is fast. Design your part in whichever software you’re used to, like Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator or Google SketchUp. Load that drawing file (DXF and SVG) into WAZER software and let the easy to use software guide you through setting up your cut.

Early birds around $5000 on Kickstarter now!

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