The best way to cure Irish homesickness: Arduino powered Bagpipe

By on January 26, 2017
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Arduino enthusiasts looking for a little inspiration for their next project may be interested in an Arduino powered robot that is capable of playing the bagpipes thanks to its Arduino Mega 2560 microprocessing unit.

The robot can play a Bagpipe chanter, i.e. a low cost device allowing you to learn to play the bagpipes.  This is the first step learning to play a bagpipe because it’s the part that plays the main tune with a reed and finger holes.

The maker XenonJohn has used an open source design of 3D printed prosthetic hand called a Raptor-reloaded, from the Enable project for 3D printing prosthetic hands for matched recipients in developing countries.
The encoding of the music within the Arduino code is a custom system he has come up with. The finger tips are lifted off the holes of a bagpipe chanter with 12V DC solenoids.
The solenoids are controlled by the Arduino board via opto-isolated MOSFETS which can be bought on low cost boards fully assembled in groups of four.

XenonJohn published all instructions and everything you need to build your robot. The first of you who makes it real, wins a Guinness pint for free!


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