Stratasys tests 3D Printed Injection Molds

By on September 9, 2013
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Interestingly enough, Stratasys developed a technology to 3d print injection molds:

In manufacturing, 3D printing has turned the production of injection molded prototypes into a quick, easy and inexpensive process. Read on and watch how Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing technology helps a team at Budapest University create an injection mold with POM (acetal) for functional testing at dramatically reduced time and cost.

Commissioned to produce a fan that provides enhanced car engine cooling and reduced noise, Dr. Jozsef Gabor Kovács, Department of Polymer Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (, and his team needed to find an efficient, inexpensive method of producing injection molded prototypes to test the fan in the end-product material

via Experience Rapid Manufacturing in 93 Seconds with 3D Printed Injection Molds.


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