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By on April 28, 2015
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A goldmine of open source code is available to programmers, but choosing the right library and understanding how to use it can be tricky. Sourcegraph has created a search engine and code browser to help developers find better code and build software faster.

Sourcegraph is a code search engine and browsing tool that semantically indexes all the open source code available on the web. You can search for code by repository, package, or function and click on fully linked code to read the docs, jump to definitions, and instantly find usage examples. And you can do all of this in your web browser, without having to configure any editor plugin.

Sourcegraph was created by two Stanford grads, Quinn Slack and Beyang Liu, who, after spending hours hunting through poorly documented code, decided to build a tool to help them better read and understand code.

Sourcegraph indexes code at a semantic level, which means it parses and understands code the same way a compiler does. This is necessary to support features such as semantic search and finding usage examples. Sourcegraph currently supports Go, Java, and Python, with JavaScript, Ruby, and Haskell in beta.

Try searching for popular projects like Docker, the AWS Java SDK, Kubernetes, redis-py, or your own project.


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