Rolling Material Monitoring based on the Simatic IOT2020

By on July 31, 2017
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This project recently won the Hackster community design contest based on the SIMATIC IOT2020 industrial IoT gateway.

The contest was aimed at engineers, makers and students and challenged them to come up with innovative applications and solutions based on the open and highly flexible IoT gateway, which is manufactured by Siemens.

This monitoring system can sit inside a bulldozer and collect data from the vehicle. Using a commercial narrowband network, SigFox in this particular project, the design can monitor operation of the machine and send diagnostic data to users, potentially enabling preventive maintenance on machines being used at construction sites.

Project’s features are:

  • Receive email diagnostics of in-the-field rolling material
  • Alerts when attention is needed
  • Reception in forests
  • Trace back stolen vehicle, rough position on internet map (accross continents), fine position via beacon
  • Industrial grade, Secure IoT design
  • Configurable hardware – digital I/O routed through FPGA
  • Reusable C++ libraries and code snippets
  • Roll-my-own Linux image with cron and sudo support.
  • Integrated with Amazon Web Sevices (AWS)

Jump on Hackster’s page to find out more about this project.

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