RaspiReader: Raspberry Pi Secure Fingerprint Reader

By on January 10, 2019
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Professor Anil K. Jain leads a biometrics research group and guiding students Joshua J. Engelsma and Kai Cao has assisted in the creation of a secure fingerprint reader with improved spoof-print detection.

RaspiReader is a low-cost open source fingerprint reader, made of a Raspberry Pi 3 and two Raspberry Pi camera modules together with custom program software that can detect fake prints formed using glue, latex, gelatine and other materials commonly used to spoof fingerprint readers.

“We posit that this open source fingerprint reader will facilitate the exploration of novel fingerprint spoof detection techniques involving both hardware and software. We demonstrate one such spoof detection technique by specially customizing RaspiReader with two cameras for fingerprint image acquisition. One camera provides high contrast, frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) fingerprint images, and the other outputs direct images of the finger in contact with the platen. Using both of these image streams, we extract complementary information which, when fused together and used for spoof detection, results in marked performance improvement over previous methods relying only on grayscale FTIR images provided by COTS optical readers”

3D models and code for building your own fingerprint reader are available on GitHub.

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