Raspberry Pi RetroPie Hand-Held Gaming Device

By on October 5, 2018
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This slick homebrew gaming device was modded into a Wii U Pro controller by Finn Andersen. The layout of the guts inside the controller is really clever and the screen is upcycled from a car-reversing camera screen. A custom enclosure was 3D-printed using an online service and the whole thing put together looks really great!

Finn explains a little more about the awesome Raspberry Pi project:

“I was initially planning on following in the footsteps of other projects online which involved a fully 3D-printed body with a pretty basic, boxy design. I wasn’t a master at CAD so would struggle creating a model with aesthetic and ergonomic curved sections for hand grips. I’d ordered a few cheap generic console controllers with the intent of just pillaging them for their joysticks and buttons, but when I held them in my hand I realised it would make a lot of sense to use the body too; no need to reinvent the wheel.”

More details about this awesome project are available on the Medium website.

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