QuadBot on Kickstarter combines open source robotics and STEM education

By on December 7, 2016
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Thankfully, there are a number of STEM related endeavours that put a playful twist on educating the increasingly curious makers around the world today. And, as we’ve seen with 3D Printed educational robots like WireBeings or the open-source Marty, robots tend to make for perfect examples in demonstrating the practical use of a variety of important STEM based skills.

Following in the footsteps of the aforementioned robots, comes a new Kickstarter campaign for the QuadBot, a 3D printed robotics set made primarily to inspire and educate makers, from newcomers to 3D printing veterans. They have already collected 2x and still 33 days to go!

The QuadBot, comprised of roughly 27 hours of 3D printed parts, an Arduino based QuadBoard, servo motors, bluetooth module, cables and some cords, is fully open-source. This means that after eventually receiving and going through the challenge of assembling the bot, you are able to change its code and 3D print custom modifications (using raw Autodesk Fusion based design files) to your creative liking.

The Arduino derived QuadBoard is packed with motor mounts, onboard battery charging, smart RGB LEDs, 5V and 3.3V external regulation sensors and more so you won’t have to fiddle with complex wiring right out of the box. They even go so far as suggesting you can get everything assembled from the starter pack in under two hours so even those easily distracted can complete the project.

Source: 3ders.org

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