Programmable Board for 3D Gesture Control, Motion Capturing, Tracking and Robotics

By on September 26, 2017
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THE TACTIGON is a portable and wearable device with 3D motion sensors on board. You can use the board for different applications like human machine interaction, virtual reality and motion tracking.

THE TACTIGON board uses IMU sensors. IMUs are often incorporated into Inertial Navigation Systems which utilize the raw IMU measurements to calculate attitude, angular rates, linear velocity and position relative to a global reference frame. “We have taken advantage of our previous experience in vibration and wireless technology, in any case one year investment was needed in project review”, Max goes on. The IMU equipped INS forms the backbone for the navigation and control of many commercial and military vehicles such as manned aircraft, missiles, ships, submarines, and satellites. They are also essential components in the guidance and control of unmanned systems.
THE TACTIGON is IoT ready, with Bluetooth Low Power on board and additional SigFox, LoRa or GPS boards. It’s programmable with Arduino IDE compatible and 512Kbyte of Flash.

What is the current status of the product?

We have manufactured 100 units to be used by early adapters, in order to start our beta test phase. We have been working prototypes for maker markets, with Arduino IDE, grove connector for compatibility and with other commercial add on and now we are working for algorithm on motion capture and gesture recognition. We will launch Kickstarter campaign in autumn, before to start the mass production phase.

From Milano to New York @ World Maker Fair 23 / 24 September 2017

Next Industries team will present the first prototype of THE TACTIGON Board @ NYC Maker Fair.
“We are excited to present our wearable technology with IoT capability at the most famous Fair in the World of Makers” – says CEO Massimiliano Bellino (Max for friends). “Thank you to my team, great passionate guys, I was able to bring my idea to reality. We haven’t designed an electronics board only, but we have designed a tiny technology with fresh, modern, ergonomic case. TACTIGON is fresh designed with two valuable accessories: T-SKIN glove for gesture recognition and T-SHARP waterproof case for external use cases”



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