PreciousPlastic project: dedicated to ecologists and 3d printers

By on December 3, 2015
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Plastic can easily be recycled. It needs relative low temperatures and pressures. Look around and you’ll notice plastic waste is everywhere around us. We just need to sort it and have tools to turn it into new things.

This project is a set of plastic machines, developed to set up a small scale plastic workshop. The machinery is based on general industrial techniques, but designed to build yourself. The machine is easy to use and made to work with recycled plastic. Whilst this entire project is still in development, the machines are shared open source online and improved by the community.

Often used for extruding lines and pipes. The outcome of this process is a line of molded plastic. The form depends on the shape of the nozzle. Making 3D printer filament with this is on the to-do list! more info

Mostly used to create large hollow objects. This machine is re-built of an old oven. It’s used to heat the mold inside. Whilst turning around, plastic sticks to the mold and forms the mold/object.
 more info

Most of our plastic products are made with this technique, usually quick and extremely efficient. This machine is much slower and easier to use. It can still produce a product every couple of minutes and use custom made molds. more info


Source: precious plastic | a project by dave hakkens

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