PiCorder, the Raspberry Pi CamCorder

By on October 29, 2017
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Thanks to the miniature dimensions, you can use the Raspberry Pi Zero to build a tiny camcorder.
Devised by Wayne Keenan, the PiCorder uses a Pimoroni HyperPixel screen, Pi Zero camera module, and Zero LiPo plus LiPo battery pack.

The PiCorder is probably the slimmest Pi-powered video-recording device ever seen.

With a bit of soldering, you have the hardware gubbins ready to go. All you need then is to install the HyperPixel driver on the Pi, and you are ready to record. The HyperPixel also supports a touchscreen, so you can add a graphical user interface to control it better if you like.
In this basic setup, recording is controlled via SSH. However, there’s a discussion about better ways to control the device in the comments on Wayne’s write-up.

What it could do with, perhaps, is a case to protect the components. That would be an extra project for anyone looking to build a camera like this. The PiCorder is a great project to recreate if you’re looking to build a small portable camera.

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