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By on June 18, 2016
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OpenDrop is a development part of a bigger ecosystem around digital biology with the aim of making personal lab-automation accessible to more people.


– 2x High Voltage Driver Chip HV507
– 16×8 electrodes array, 2.75mm2 in size
– Arduino Micro
– 4 buttons
– tiny OLED Display
– WIFI module
– fancy LEDs
– Liquid connection ports
– prepared for Peltier Element / Sensors / Pad Heating
– micro USB
– 10×10 cm PCB
– NixiePSU (voltage readable or controllable)
– Design on open source KiCAD

Design Files

The first prototype of the OpenDrop V2 is very promising and the concept with the integrated driver chips and bigger array area were demonstrated. We are now working on producing a small batch to distribute in our research network and continue the research.

Find all the KiCAD design files in the GitHub repository

Source: OpenDrop – Desktop Digital Biology Laboratory

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