OpenDesk – Open Furniture seeks for Crowd Investors

By on June 11, 2014
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OpenDesk, the british Open Design portal for distributed furniture manufacturing is doing equity crowdfunding. This really seems a great choice as it shows that the collective behind the project really wants to walk the talk and include more distributed set of stakeholders in the project, by opening the very same company ownership structure: will you respond to the opportunity?

We’re crowd funding OpenDesk and wanted to give you an opportunity to invest — in return for an equity stake.

Since we launched OpenDesk in July 2013, we’ve built an amazing, passionate early adopter community, a growing collection of designs from a range of designers and a network of over 200 professional makers in 37 countries.

Companies like Digital Ocean and Greenpeace have been buying OpenDesks to fit out their work spaces. These sales are driving business to makers, royalty payments to designers and revenue for OpenDesk. Our aim, as a company, is to grow this model and build a global marketplace for open making.

We’ve secured a £248k grant from the UK Technology Strategy Board and £67k from the Wayra accelerator. We need additional investment to match the TSB grant and fund our work as we build out the business. To raise this investment, we’re launching a crowd equity campaign on the 18th June 2014.

What we’d love is to raise the majority of this funding from our existing community, so that our shareholders — the people who own the company — are people who share our passion for open making. If that sounds like you, you might like to have a look at this video (made by Tor Kristoffersen) about OpenDesk and this investment opportunity:

via OpenDesk – Invest in OpenDesk.

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