Open Pandora goes more open – not totally yet.

By on June 25, 2014
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Open Pandora, the open platform for gaming embraces more open access to files. Unfortunately is not properly what we call open source hardware as the license doesn’t allow for commercial use but, as you may know, a debate is open on this topic.

Thanks to the designers Michael Weston (PCB) and Dave Cancilier (Case), the case and full hardware design files and documentation (schematics, gerber, BoM, etc.) have been opened up for non-commercial use.

Whether you want to use it to repair your unit, modify it, create your own 3D printed case or are just interested to find out what’s needed to create such a device, that’s totally up to you.

Be sure to read the licenses and contact me or the designers directly if you want to use it for commercial purpose.

via The day the Pandora goes even more open – Official OpenPandora News – OpenPandora Boards.

You can find all files here.



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