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By on June 23, 2016
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Faced with building a solution around multiple cards (with the knock on increase in expense and complexity), we decided to building our own board, initially as a side project, working with a clearly defined set of key requirements to keep the project focused:

  • 3G Modem for wireless Internet connectivity
  • Ethernet for local connectivity
  • Bulk storage for data logging
  • Serial ports for RS232 and RS485
  • Easily expandable IO
  • Cost effective enclosure design
  • Wide input DC power supply range
  • Industrial style connectors for IO and power

Choosing the Raspberry Pi Compute Module as a starting point was an easy decision as it removed a lot of development hurdles and comes with huge product support from the Pi community. This choice allowed us to go from prototype to finished version in record time.

This industrial grade motherboard hosting a fully functional Raspberry Pi 3 is something really needed by the market, and the connection chain between the prototyping and the industrial manufacturing worlds: a must need for all those activities that want to go on mass production with their Pi!

In Raspberry Pi terms, instead of having multiple HAT boards stacked together like this :

"Leaning Tower of Pi" - Photo Courtesy of Philip Howard
“Leaning Tower of Pi” – Photo Courtesy of Philip Howard


Everything is much more manageable like this:

As you can see that’s quite a feature set without even adding application IO, the highlights being:

  • mPCIe socket for 3G/4G modems (some even with GPS function)
  • Full speed uSD card for bulk storage using hinged type socket for reliability.
  • Dual HD Raspberry Pi compatible camera interfaces
  • 10/100 Ethernet + Dual USB 2.0 Ports
  • USB RS232 / RTC / HDMI Video Out / User Status LEDs
  • Wide 9-23V DC power input

Only 29 days left to fund their campaign on Kickstarter, let’s rush!

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