Mercury IoT System, Soon Available on Open-Electronics!

By on January 24, 2017
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Open Electronics is working with our friend Francesco Ficili  to work out a new modular development system for IoT application: the Mercury System, soon available on our store.

It is a modular HW/SW development platform composed by:

  • A main unit to implement the programmable logic block
  • Various networks units to add the connectivity
  • Several slave units to add many types of sensors and actuators
  • Some power units to satisfy system power supply requirements
  • A SW framework able to abstract all the low level programming issues and leave to the user only the application logic development task

The Mercuy System is more than a tool to develop IoT applications, and it could be easily extended to any general purpose embedded electronic project. Here is a video of a proximity lock developed using a BB01, an ultrasonic sensor  and a SB relay .

With Mercury System you can easily create IoT applications without struggling with HW and Low Level Embedded SW details, and focusing on software logic only. Here is a video of a Moodlamp application made with Mercury System:

Look at this demo of our nice Intrusion Detector made using the Mercury System. It took more or less a couple of hours to develop it by using the PIC18 BB, the GSM/GPRS MB, an Ultrasonic Sensor SB and the Dual  Expansion board (and the development framework, obviously…):

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