Lucy: Light Indoor Spaces With Real Sunshine funded 170% in 8 hours on Indiegogo

By on September 13, 2016
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The first of her kind, Lucy illuminates indoor spaces with sunshine. She’s solar powered, portable, and Italian-designed. Lucy moves sunlight from where it’s wasted to where it’s needed. You can place Lucy anywhere with no installation and she will brighten up any room in your home or office with healthy natural light. Let the sun shine in with Lucy!

Solenica is a revolutionary organization with a singular goal: bring sunshine to indoor spaces everywhere. They launched yesterday an Indiegogo Campaign for Lucy — the first ever of her kind, a smart natural lighting system that illuminates your indoor spaces with sunshine. Lucy is affordable and does not require any professional installation, is out-of-the-box ready, and can be placed anywhere there is access to sunlight.

Lucy collected 170% of the required funding in only 8 hours: a real sunshine on Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns!

Lucy’s Features:

  • Smart: Lucy’s not just a pretty face, she knows what she’s doing when it comes to sunlight. Once you ‘point’ her towards the area you want to illuminate, Lucy will find and track the sun for you using her proprietary algorithm and redirect it’s natural light back inside with her articulated mirror, all day long.

  • Green: Lucy is not only solar-powered and wire-free, she allows you to turn off artificial lights during the day, saving money and conserving energy by filling the room with sunlight. The energy savings and carbon footprint reduction, when multiplied across a whole town or an entire country, can carry an incredible impact.

  • Beautiful: You only realize how much technology can stick out when you put it in the middle of your living room. Lucy was designed with a strong Italian aesthetic, serving as the perfect addition to any room, garden or style of decor.

  • Portable: Lucy is a low maintenance gal. She requires no installation and you can easily pick her up to place her indoors or outdoors, wherever she can access the sun. And it’s easy to switch up her location if you decide to illuminate a different room or outdoor space!

Daylighting, the illumination of indoor spaces with natural light, is a sector currently defined by costly construction such as skylights and solar tubes. Lucy is the first off-the-shelf solution in the daylighting sector and does not require users to make a major lifestyle change to bring sunshine back into their lives.

“We’re hardwired to thrive in sunlight. It’s good for us, it makes us feel good. So why wouldn’t we want to spend more time in it? At Solenica, we believe that a key component to our health, happiness, and productivity is spending more time in the sunshine. That’s why the Solenica team and I developed Lucy, a solar-powered, portable, and italian-designed bot who illuminates indoor spaces with sunshine. We are the Daylighting Revolution, committed to bringing natural light to indoor spaces around the world.” says Diva Tommei, Solenica CEO

In her basic parts, Lucy is a mirror mounted on an electro-mechanical core directed by an algorithm. Lucy’s algorithm helps her find and track the sun through an optical feedback loop and her mirror adjusts so that it can continuously reflect the sun’s light on the area you choose throughout the day. Lucy, with optimal sunlight, can provide enough illumination to light up to a 500 sq. ft room from up to 100 feet away.

One more thing, as someone said launching a revolutionary product long time ago… Lucy is completely 3D printed and has been designed by using open source platforms and tools:

“During the various prototyping stages, we have used and built on top of several open source platforms along the way, such as Arduino and Particle. These platforms gave us a boost in many ways. When you work with open-source platforms, there is always a huge community behind it that provides excellent documentation and support. We were able to build fast prototypes in a very short amount of time, given the community base. They are also very stable platforms, since many experts within the community contributed to make it better. 

Many of those platforms aren’t good just during prototyping stage, but also for production. Open tools help keeps the cost down.” Mohamed Elhariry IoT Engineer at Solenica

You have only 29 days left to have your Lucy discounted: Lucy: Light Indoor Spaces With Real Sunshine | Indiegogo

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