JetPack – Bluetooth Shield for Arduino Robots

By on April 7, 2016
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The JetPack is an Arduino Wireless programming shield + a motor shield that fits onto an Arduino microcontroller. Now your arduino can be effortlessly programmed over Bluetooth from your PC, receive sensor data etc from your project wirelessly. It additionally has a motor driver for driving 2 DC motors or a stepper motor. No more plugging in your Arduino into your PC and running behind bots. JetPack brings you over the air firmware upgrade and over the air debugging to make Arduino development easy and fun in any environment.

This project has been 500% funded on Kickstarter! For about $15, you can get the starter JetPack:

Worried about where to start? or Want to jump into your first wireless project directly? We are shipping our Rover kit for wireless fun, just for you! We used the same one for building the toys used in the video. This kit includes:

  • Acrylic Base
  • 4x Geared DC motor
  • Wheel, Motor positioning Stencil
  • Arduino Uno Compatible board
  • JetPack Shield
  • Mounting Screws
  • Connecting Wires

The shield is equipped with:


  • Bluetooth Module
  • L293D Motor Driver
  • Direct access to all Arduino pins
  • Dimensions 50mm x 51mm
  • Power Source that can power Arduino too

For $55, you can get the fully equipped Rover as well. Only 6 days left on Kickstarter!


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