Idiotware Shield: IoT for Arduino, Simplified on Crowd Supply

By on December 21, 2016
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Interesting project from Mumbai on Crowdsupply these days, they are slowly starting to collect money but the board is definitely worthy, starting at $25!

The Idiotware Shield is a learning platform for quickly bringing to life hundreds of Arduino projects, whether you’re a novice or expert. The Idiotware Shield is the Swiss Army Knife of Arduino shields, with plenty of integrated inputs and outputs and options for connectivity and expansion.

Features & Specifications

  • Input
  • Output
    • One RGB LED: WS2812B for smart colored light mixing.
    • 12 Red LEDs: connected to Arduino’s digital outputs
    • OLED Display: connected via I2C header, sold separately
    • Piezo Buzzer: Multitone Buzzer with good sound reproduction up to 2 KHz
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi: ESP8226-01 module connected via Wi-Fi header enables over-the-air Arduino programming and cloud connectivity, sold separately
    • Low-power Mesh Radio: NRF24L01 module connected via mesh radio header enables 2.4 GHz mesh networking, sold separately
    • Bluetooth: HC-05 Bluetooth module connected via Bluetooth header, sold separately
    • microSD Card: integrated card slot for data storage.
  • Configurability
    • Expansion Ports: 0.1” headers for digital and analog Arduino pins
    • Voltage Regulator: LM1117 3.3 V regulator supplies up to 800 mA with current limiting and thermal shutdown protection
    • Made for Arduino: compatible with all major Arduino boards, such as the Uno, Mega, and Leonardo

Completely Open Source and Compatible with Everything

We believe in open source and have made everything about the Idiotware Shield open source:

Source: Idiotware Shield: IoT for Arduino, Simplified | Crowd Supply

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