How to Recreate the Apollo Guidance DSKY Computer

By on January 23, 2018
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“I don’t care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do.”

Nearly 50 years ago, mankind made the giant leap of being able to travel to the moon. To celebrate, ST-Geotronics has come of with a replica of the Apollo Guidance Computer Display/Keyboard, or AGC DSKY as it’s abbreviated.

The display was prototyped on a huge breadboard assembly, along with an Arduino Mega, then finished using a custom PCB and Arduino Nano.
3D-printed parts are used to form the housing, in addition to a variety of electronics. These include an actual GPS unit, along with a custom three-segment LED assemblies to display “+” and “-” as needed.

“We will be back on Kickstarter starting January 26th 2018! We are very excited about our latest product.

We spent 3 years researching, planning, designing, testing, tweaking and are very ready to introduce the World to our OPEN DSKY. This Apollo Guidance Computer Replica is stunning and should please our new and old customers. Please visit for more info and order here before the Kickstarter launch for a February delivery or back us on Kickstarter starting 1/26/18 for a summer delivery.”

Be sure to check it out in the video below, showing off its interface, as well as an MP3 unit that plays back a 1962 JFK speech about going to the moon.

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