Home-made 3D Printed Arcade Gaming System

By on April 4, 2017
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Christopher Tan, a video game fan based in Malaysia, used his 3d Printer to make a desktop arcade machine.

“I grew up in the 80s, probably the glory days of arcade gaming, so I always wished I had an arcade machine of my own with real arcade joystick and buttons,” he wrote. “Over a few weeks, I ordered all the electronic parts I needed, like the controller, LCD display,, etc. I then did all the 3D modelling and spent over 100 hours printing the parts. Also, I wanted my arcade machine to have a lot of detail, so I also created things like a faux coin slot, etc. To give it the professional finish, I also designed the artwork which I sent to a commercial printer to have it printed on vinyl sticker.”

This is what Christopher needed to build his gaming system:

1          ×          Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
1          ×          Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply – 5.1v 2.5A
1          ×          8″ 1024×768 IPS LCD Display
1          ×          Arcade Joystick + Buttons KitThey one I used has 8x 30mm buttons, 2x            24mm, Joystick, encoder board, USB cable, etc.
2          ×          40mm 4ohm 3W speaker
1          ×          PAM8403 5V digital amplifier board
1          ×          Short 20cm HDMI Male to Male cable
1          ×          Short 30cm micro USB male to female extension cable
1          ×          Short 30cm USB 2.0 male to female extension cable
6          ×          White LEDs
6          ×          100ohm resistors
1          ×          USB cable
1          ×          128GB SD Card

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