GSM Remote Control – Gate Control
Part 1 – Introduction

By on January 10, 2011
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Now we can start describing our first application, that is, the GSM gate controller: in this modality, our system controls the relay it is equipped with whenever it receives a call from a telephone number belonging to a list of numbers previously acquired through a special procedure, which can be performed via SMS using a telephone number which has been stored through the special Easy-Setup function. This function starts automatically when the circuit is first started or following the first start-up after a total reset; once this function starts, the circuit waits for a call for three minutes; if it receives one, it stores the number at the top of the list of those numbers enabled to call. At this point, the remote control starts working normally.
Once the number has been stored, the programming can be done from the telephone (which must be a cell phone) associated with that number, by using simple SMS commands described below and that can be found summarized in the chart at the end of this document.
Whenever it receives a call, the gate opener fails to answer so that the caller need not spend any money; in the event that the calling number is in the list, the exit relay gets impulsively activated for a time that can be set between 0 and 59 seconds. Its state can be modified at any time by using a special SMS remote command.

Gate Control Connection
Gate Control Connection

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