Graava Is A $249 Action Camera That Edits Highlight Videos For You

By on August 13, 2015
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In the past days we posted some news about drones and flying cameras. Today, a nice complement: probably the action camera that will beat the GoPro!

Your GoPro is great until you have to edit all those hours of footage to find the cool moments. Graava does that automatically. Starting pre-orders today for $249 (eventually $399), the Graava action camera uses motion, audio, accelerometer and GPS sensors plus voice cues to detect the highlights of your footage. Choose how long you want your highlight reel to be, Graava’s app edits the scenes that fit to match the beat of a song you select, and you can share the final video everywhere.

If its auto-editor can reliably find the best moments of sports but also other content like parties, it will be a remarkable achievement for a tiny startup with just $750,000 in funding. And with social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter crazy for video and looking to make sharing great clips easier, Graava’s software could generate plenty of acquisition interest.

Slip Graava into one of its colored bumper holsters and you can attach a clip for latching it to helmets or snow goggles, straps for hooking it on a bike or other equipment, or an adhesive for sticking it to anything else. If there’s something you want to be sure to add to your final video, just say “Graava” aloud and that moment will be flagged for inclusion.

How to mount it on a drone? Try to figure it out and propose your DIY solution!


Source: Graava Is A $249 Action Camera That Edits Highlight Videos For You

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