Finally a Low-Cost Waterjet (but closed source)

By on January 20, 2014
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Finally someone seems to be near to deliver a Low-Cost Waterjet for the masses. Still no mention on openness unfortunately.

Here’s the complete writeup on Hack a Day.


My team of five decided to create the first ever, small-scale, low-cost, and easy-to-use waterjet cutter, finally making this great technology available to hobbyists and small businesses on a budget.

Project Details:

I was the lead mechanical designer on this project and custom designed a fully waterproof and environmentally sealed XY gantry that would be able to withstand the water and abrasive from the waterjet. The waterjet has a cutting work space of 12”x14” and yet the machine is entirely self-contained to a footprint of only 2 feet by 2 feet, meaning that it can be easily rolled through a doorway and fit in the corner of any room. As well, it requires only a typical electrical outlet and shop air supply to run, making it a feasible option for universities, hobbyists, and small businesses with a budget of $5000 or less. The waterjet is low maintenance, requires only minimal training to run, and is able to cut through 1/4” aluminum and 1/8” steel to a tolerance of 0.005”.


This project won the Mechanical Engineering Senior Design competition, and each of us on the team was presented with the Gemmill Award for Outstanding Creativity.

via Low-Cost Waterjet – Adam Libert.


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