EXIII HACKberry: 3D printable electric prosthetic arm

By on March 9, 2016
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The HACKberry is a 3D printable electric prosthetic arm created by exiii Inc a Japanese robotics company based in Tokyo and specialised in bionic arms.

The hand works by detecting when nerve and muscle tissue is stimulated by signals from the brain and sends that data to an onboard micro controller to translate into hand and arm movements. The system enables users of the prosthesis to open and close the hand and even control individual fingers.
The hand uses an underactuated mechanism to control precise movements and obtain self-adaptability when grasping different objects with its 3DOF fingers.

The full project description is available here: Wevolver EXIII.

Here is a quick overview of the prosthetic features:

– Bill of Materials
3D Printable Files
Assembly Videos
Arduino Sketch
Hand Circuit Diagram
Battery Circuit Diagram
Sensor Circuit Diagram
License Agreement

EXIII mission and philosophy is a true life saving spirit:

“Our goal is to develop an artificial arm that would become the platform upon which developers and artificial arm users from all over the world can build as they wish.”

The exiii philosophy is just as interesting as the prosthesis itself and is clearly reflected in the name of the project. “The name represents our vision to “hack” at problems, grow branches of joy that reach out to users and enable their ideas and efforts to bear fruit (“berries”).”

The HACKberry software (Arduino sketch) is available under a CC0 1.0 Universal, and the hardware (3D data, etc.) is available under a Creative Commons License BY-SA 4.0 International. We will be assembling our own HACKberry at the Wevolver open workshop at Somerset House, where a core team and group of volunteers also be working on the InMoov Robots For Good Project.

You can contribute to the project and build your own HACKberry here.

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