Drone + LEGO pieces = Lego Drone!

By on September 4, 2017
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Drones have become some of the hottest gadgets on the planet.
Combining drone passion with LEGO pieces, you can create something very special.

MIT alum Amir Hirsch founded Flybrix, a company that sells drone-making kits for young and old. The kits come with LEGO pieces and everything needed to build a drone. Users can recycle pieces, change around designs, and constantly experiment with new drone ideas.

“Flybrix is specifically designed to challenge everybody – from grade school to grad school,” the website noted. “It offers a unique learning experience over a basic toy drone. The brain under the hood is a complete computer system that you can learn to program using the Arduino development environment. Flybrix is open-source. We publish our source code and electronic designs so you can go as deep into the details as you want!”

Flybrix kits range from $189 for a basic set to almost $250 for the deluxe kit. A joystick controller pack (just in case you’d need an extra) will cost $80.

Last year, Flybrix sold over 8,000 drone sets. Hirsch anticipates being in retail chains by the end of 2017.

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