DIY Your Open Source Access Point

By on July 16, 2018
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If you have the weekend off and if you own a Raspberry Pi 3 or Zero W sbc, this project is prefect for you!

The Raspberry Pi wireless access point is built on top of Linux, using tried-and-tested tools from the more hardcore end of the software spectrum, and it allow you to get all the control you could ever want over who accesses your network and precisely how it operates.

“So, you’ve got your own wireless access point. What can you do with it now? Carefully editing the hostapd.conf file gives you a lot of options to make it your own. Add the line ‘ignore_broadcast_ssid=1’, for example, to hide the Pi’s SSID and keep your network private, or save some processing overheads and remove the WPA security altogether, as long as you’re masochistic enough to allow an unsecured access point to run on your network. Your guests will thank you, but your ISP won’t.”

Jump over to the official PC Gamer website for full instructions, code, diagrams and any other information needed to create your own Raspberry Pi wireless access point.

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