DIY Humanoid Robot Kit: TyroBot on Kickstarter!

By on August 16, 2017
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Tyro Electronics have created a new DIY robotics kit and humanoid robot aptly named TyroBot, which has been designed to help teach those interested more about robotics and programming.

The DIY robot kit is available with 3D printed parts if you do not have access to a printer, and is completely open source and built for both beginners and those with already a few skills in robotics or programming.

Project Goals are:

  • A robot that can walk in a straight line and not fall down.
  • make accurate turns.
  • Anyone can program it, from kids to Arduino users to pro C developers.
  • Uses a 32bit processor, the ATSAMD21G18A.
  • Entire robot can be 3D printed on a 100mm^3 bed.
  • Powered by a single cell lithium ion battery that is charged over micro USB.
  • Controlled wirelessly via WiFi on the ESP8266, hopefully peer to peer compatible so no wireless network is required.
  • Store multiple programs on board so you don’t need to reflash every time you want the robot to do something different.
  • Self programmable; program on the robots face.
  • Uses an accelerometer to make walking gaits smoother and tells the robot if he has been pushed over.
  • Uses a 2.8in TFT display for running programs without a computer, configuration and more
  • 7 servos for legs, arms, and head.

Visit the official Kickstarter campaign page below for more details and full specifications.

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