DIY a Raspberry Pi Travel Companion

By on June 1, 2018
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The maker Justin Strawn has just unveiled his new creation: a Raspberry Pi travel companion which takes the form of a small device that offers a portable SD Card File Copier, Phone Battery, Computer and Internet of Things driver. The system is still a work in progress but Justin has published more details and files for you to download and 3D print yourself over on his website.

“This project started because of my combined passions for drone photography, travel, and not wanting to bring a laptop just to backup SD cards in case the drone falls off a cliff. Since I always bring a backup battery too, this seemed like a good combination. Plus now I can solar charge my battery when backpacking!”

Features of the Raspberry Pi Zero Travel Companion include :

– Automatic file copier with SD card slots
– LED indicators for file transfer
– 3 Switches, USB power, auto (PI) power, and auto-transfer.
– ~1 full cell phone battery charge
– Solar Panel battery recharger
– Linux computer (raspberry pi zero) with USB slots for keyboard/mouse.
– Portable IoT driver (GPIO pins are exposed underneath)

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