DIY a 3D Printed Prosthetic Nerf Gun

By on March 17, 2018
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How can you participate in a Nerf gun fight if you’re missing a hand? The ingenious Hackerloop collective of tinkerers solved that problem by putting together a prosthetic Nerf gun that you can control with your arm muscles.

The base for the project is a Swarmfire Nerf blaster with the handle removed. Using  Huchet, who lost his right hand several years ago. With the custom made sheath and casing, he can wear the Nerf gun as a prosthetic extension of his right arm.

The custom 3D-printed sheath and casing created for this prosthetic also help to hide all of the underlying electronics and mechanics, which, you don’t actually want exposed to flying darts in the heat of battle.

The Nerf gun is connected to an Arduino-like microcontroller that activates the gun on demand. A trio of electrodes are located on the elbow; each time Huchet contracts his muscle, the electrodes send the electrical activity to the electromyography sensor which transmits it to the microcontroller. Once the voltage reaches a certain level, the microcontroller fires the Nerf gun.

Every hardware component used to make this gun can be found online.

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