Active Semi Inc presents Hydra-X 10 and Hydra-X20

By on July 7, 2014
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Active-Semi Inc presents Hydra-X10 and -X20: 32-bit ARM Core microcontrollers. With the PAC 52xx ICs on Hydra-X, users can apply high power input voltage of 52V, which is perfect for motor projects.

An interesting piece of work, despite not open source hardware!

According to the designers:


One of the items that makes the PAC52xx device so fascinating is its level of integration. Anybody designing an application revolving around a microcontroller will remember the process of selecting voltage regulators to power up the different blocks. With PAC52xx, this step can be omitted as all voltage regulation needs have been taken care of. Simply apply your input voltage, and the internal Multi Mode Power block will generate all the internal voltages to power up the core, as well as the GPIO resources. 

Hydra-X10 and Hydra-X20 – Active-Semi International Inc.



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