PWM Control for PC Fans

By on December 30, 2021
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This project describes building a fully-featured 12 V PC fan PWM controller. The design can control up to 16 3-pin computer fans. The design uses a pair of Dialog GreenPAK™ configurable mixed-signal ICs to control each fan’s duty cycle. It also includes two ways to change the speed of the fan:

a. with a quadrature/rotary encoder;

b. with a Windows application built in C# that communicates with the GreenPAK through I²C.

Below we described steps needed to understand how the solution has been programmed to design a PC fan PWM controller. However, if you just want to get the result of programming, download GreenPAK software to view the already completed GreenPAK Design File. Plug the GreenPAK Development Kit to your computer and hit the program to design the solution.

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