DevDuino: the Arduino-compatible board with plenty of must-have features

By on November 5, 2017
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DevDuino is an Arduino compatible with a U-shaped PCB that lets you add mezzanine shields on the bottom using male headers. The DevDuino starts with a 16MHz ATMEGA32U4 MCU with 2.5KB SRAM and 32KB flash. There’s also a microSD slot, temperature sensor, an RTC with battery slot, and a micro-USB port.

Interfaces include 5x analog inputs and 17x GPIOs (3x buffered), both with accompanying LEDs. Other LEDs include dual power LEDs and LEDs linked to a reset pin and serial interfaces. Two more LEDs are designed for a “dark environment.” There’s also a 2-wire voltmeter, a power switch, and a push button wired to an interruption input.

The accessories in the 59-Euro package include WiFi and Bluetooth modules, a 1GB microSD card, a 3V battery, and a micro-USB cable. There’s also a breadboard with 830 tie-points. An 87 Euro ($113) package gives you all the accessories along with a choice of colors.

DevDuino has all the following built-in features compared to a classic Arduino:

  • 1x 1.3 Inches 128×64 OLED Display with SSD1306 controller.
  • 1x Connector for Wi-Fi Module DT-06 or Bluetooth Module HC-06.
  • 1x Micro-SD slot for Data Logging or Memory Extension.
  • 1x Real Time Clock with CR1220 3V back-up battery slot.
  • 1x Temperature sensor.
  • 17x GPIOs with YELLOW Low Power LEDs (3 GPIOS are buffered).
  • 2x GREEN status Low Power LEDs on +5V and +3.3V.
  • 5x Analog inputs with buffered YELLOW Low Power LEDs.
  • 2x WHITE LEDs for Dark Environment
  • 1x RED Low Power LED for the Reset Pin.
  • 1x RED Low Power LED for Serial RX and GREEN for Serial TX.
  • 1x Push-Button wired to an INTERRUPTION Input.
  • 1x ON/OFF Power Switch.
  • 1x Slot for a 2 wire Voltmeter (included).
  • 1x Micro USB Connector
  • Breadboard-friendly.
  • More explicit silkscreen.

More information may be found on the DevDuino Kickstarter page.

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