• DevDuino: the Arduino-compatible board with plenty of must-have features

    DevDuino is an Arduino compatible with a U-shaped PCB that lets you add mezzanine shields on the bottom using male headers. The DevDuino starts with a 16MHz ATMEGA32U4 MCU with 2.5KB SRAM and 32KB flash. There’s also a...

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  • A Quick Rundown on Adafruit’s Feather Ecosystem

    Adafruit began their Feather ecosystem endeavor last year with the introduction of the Feather 32u4 Basic Proto, a tiny (51mm×23mm×8mm) development board outfitted with an ATmega32u4 SoC, 20 GPIO pin-out and an onboard prototyping section. What made...

    • Posted 8 years ago
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