Cutting length measurement for circular saw

By on August 2, 2022
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If you have a circular saw you probably use a tape measure every time you want to cut a piece of wood and make pencil marks after you find the desired length. In this project we will see how to simplify the process by creating a device that accurately measures cuts every time. You won’t need a tape measure or pencil and each cut will be exactly the length you want.

The device measures the distance a piece of material moves along a guide of the circular saw and displays the length on a smartphone screen via a web application. The distance is measured by placing a wheel over the piece to be cut, it will turn as the material moves under it. The rotation is translated into horizontal distance and displayed in inches or millimeters. In the first image we see the required components and in the second the wiring diagram, we use a Wemos D1 board (based on the ESP8266).

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