CONTROLLINO: The first ARDUINO compatible PLC

By on April 4, 2014
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Interesting campaign spotted on kickstarter. Hard way to the objective unfortunately


When I was at electronic school … I would have loved ARDUINO … but back then microcontroller programming wasn’t that easy. When I became aware of ARDUINO I thought … what a great idea for young people and those who are not hardcore microcontroller programmers.

The only problem with ARDUINO is … when you don’t really know so much about electronic hardware … driving more than a LED can become difficult. And using an ARDUINO Board in a professional project is not so popular among professionals.

The solution for those problems is CONTROLLINO!!!



CONTROLLINO is a professional PLC for private and industrial use. A solid hardware build around Atmel’s ATmega328 and the ATmega2560 microcontrollers, ready to run with your ARDUINO projects.

CONTROLLINO: The first ARDUINO compatible PLC by SG-TRONIC INC — Kickstarter.

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