CM3-PANEL: 7-inch touch-panel computer built around a Raspberry Pi CM3

By on May 11, 2018
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The open spec CM3-Panel is the latest carrier board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 by Acme. It is a 7-inch touch-panel computer built around the RPi CM3.

It’s available in four different models, including two with modules that support Acme’s open source 868MHz Yarm RF radio module spec:

  • CM3-Panel-U — USB 2.0 port — 95 Euros ($113)
  • CM3-Panel-W — 2.4GHz WiFi — 99 Euros ($118)
  • CM3-Panel-UY — USB and 868MHz Yarm ISM — 115 Euros ($137)
  • CM3-Panel-WY — 2.4GHz WiFi and 868MHz Yarm ISM– 119 Euros ($142)

The 868MHz Yarm module is compatible with Acme’s ISM 868MHz Energy Harvesting radio nodes. The module is equipped with a Cortex-M0+ based, 22 x 14mm Microchip ATA8510 ISM transceiver. The CM3-Panel has a separate array of Yarm GPIO in addition to the main Raspberry Pi GPIO. The optional RaLink RT5370N 2.4GHz WiFi module is based on USB 2.0, and is fully supported by the latest Kernel Linux versions.

The CM3-Panel appears to be an open hardware product, as it is accompanied by a schematic, mechanical drawing, and a 3D step model.

The shopping page says the RPi CM3 module is part of the priced bundle, but it’s unclear if this is the standard version of the CM3 with 4GB eMMC or the Lite version without eMMC.

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