Christmas DIY project for children 1/3: “Build Upons” World’s Tiniest Light Up Bricks

By on December 15, 2015
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Christmas is coming, what better chance to introduce our beloved children to the passion for Making?

Here is one of the 3 Lunchbox Electronics projects so cute to have our babies working on them!

We are Lunchbox Electronics and we are creating Build Upons: Light up bricks to build upon your existing LEGO® creations. Light up your robot, house, or spaceship!

Our Build Upons are based on the smallest 1×1 brick we could fit an LED into to create elegant and flexible designs. The Build Upons system has three types of bricks: an LED brick, a power brick, and a bridge brick. The bridge bricks allow for flexibility within the design. The bridge bricks route power from the battery pack to the LED bricks, wherever the LED bricks happen to be.

  • The bridge bricks function even when turned 90 degrees!
  •  Stack up to 10 LED bricks per battery pack.
  •  The batteries last approximately 120 hours using LEDs of the same color.
  •  Battery pack uses 3 AA batteries (not included)

You can preorder them on the Kickstarter page!

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