Autodesk launches ReMake: digitize the real world

By on June 25, 2016
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ReMake converts a sequence of photos or scan data into high resolution 3D meshes and provides a smart toolset to clean, repair, and optimize the mesh for design and engineering workflows, digital archiving, interactive AR/VR experiences, and fabrication — all in one package.

Designed to handle dense reality data that often slows down other software, ReMake can visualize and edit up to one billion polygon mesh models, which are typical when detailed captures are needed and various sensor inputs are combined. 

While offering local photo-to-3D processing, ReMake is unique in offering cloud computation, eliminating the need for powerful desktop machines and thus making digitization of reality (reality computing) accessible to a vast number of users. ReMake requires no CAD or 3D modeling experience, opening the doors to possibilities across a variety of industries and levels of design experience.   

Some of the new features included with the commercial launch are:

  • Local computing with control parameters and 50Gigapixel image input.  Insert screenshot.
  • Powerful diff analysis, reference points, scale and units
  • Smart export templates for direct workflows with design, modeling and story telling tools
  • New Play publish for online sharing

ReMake will initially launch on Windows with the Mac version to follow soon.  To learn more, visit

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