ATmega328p Shield let’s you access ATmega328p Flash and EEPROM directly from the Shield

By on January 5, 2015
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It’s kind of special thing to do but accessing ATmega328P Flash and EEPROM memory directly from the Shield might be useful sometimes and this is what this indiegogo campaign wants to make possible:

We wanted to create an easier way for users to program their MCU Flash and EEPROM, so we made a shield that allows users to place their MCU’s in SPI mode:

  • Access the ATmega328p Flash and EEPROM directly from the Shield.
  • Places the MCU in SPI mode for easy programming
  • 16 commands are used to control the operation.

via ATmega328p Shield for Arduino Uno | Indiegogo.

Give a hand if you’re interested with the project! The target is not that high!


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