ArduRF wants to facilitate Arduino RF experimentations

By on December 15, 2014
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ArduRF is is a wireless electronics development platform closely based on Arduino hardware that wants to make Wireless Links easier keeping full Arduino Compatibility with Long Range AES-128 Encrypted Radio Link, all this being Battery Powered or operating from a Solar panel for independence.

Let’s see if the explanations of the founder, can help you understand why is different and if you should support it!

Why Another Wireless Arduino Project?

Because it hasn’t been done right yet.  I hope to change this for my backers and future customers.  Previous projects

  • Use a different CPU
  • Don’t work from batteries
  • Can’t run all existing Arduino sketches
  • Are not compatible with all the major operating systems.  
  • Can not work in the 915MHz, 866MHz and 433MHz license free bands
  • Were very far from production ready.

We fixed all that.

This project will ship the early bird reward within weeks of the funding of the project with an Atmega328p CPU, battery charger and radios on board.

via ArduRF – Wireless Arduino Done Right by Daniel deBeer — Kickstarter.

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