Amazon Dash Button is Perfect to Play Music!

By on May 19, 2017
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Connected speaker systems like Sonos are great, but they still require you to pull out your phone, open your music app of choice, and select a playlist. This project lets you start the playlist of your choice at the push of a button, by linking an Amazon Dash button to your Sonos system.

You can even program multiple buttons with different playlists, giving you the option of choosing your favourite, or having specific playlists for each room. Party music in the living room, for example, or easy listening in the kitchen for Sunday breakfasts.

All you need is:

–      Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (but it should work with any Raspberry Pi product)

–      Amazon Web Services AWS IoT Button

–      Sonos Speakers

–      Github Dasher

–      Github Node Sonos API

Once you got the Amazon dash button, you have to register it through the Amazon app. Make sure you skip the last part where you are asked to associate the Dash with a particular product. Just quit from the app.

Thanks to Github Dasher and Node Sonos API you will able to talk with your dash button and to connect the speaker to the system. That’s all!

You can find step by step configuration here.

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