8BitRobots is a Raspberry Pi Module for Generic Robotic Brain

By on September 14, 2018
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Software engineer Tim Wilkinson has made the process of constructing robots easier with his 8BitRobots module — a standard hardware and software platform that works with basic robot functions.

The 8BitRobots Modules are made up of a few components, not the least of which is a Pi Zero, a fantastically powerful Linux computer that is available for five dollars. With an add-on board, cleverly named the RoBonnet, the Pi Zero gets PWM outputs for servos and ESCs, an H-bridge for motors, TTL serial, encoder inputs, a pressure and temperature sensor, an IMU, a power monitor, and everything else you need for a successful Pi robot.

All of the hardware is contained in a 3D-printed enclosure for easy management and implementation.

For the software, Wilkinson created a JavaScript distributed robot platform (robot API) that can be used on one or more Pis as needed. If you would like to program your own, you can use JavaScript, or Blockly for those that prefer a drag-and-drop GUI. If you’re looking to build your own, be sure to check out Wilkinson’s project page for all the files and schematics needed to get started.

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