3D Printing Speeds to Increase By 50X according to 3D Systems

By on June 22, 2014
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3D Systems’ Investor Day, brought us a great news related to the collaboration between the 3Dprinting giant and Google – in relation to Project Ara.

The company estimates that the printing speeds used within the manufacturing of modules for Google’s Project Ara will increase by approximately 50X over current 3D printing methods. And this will happen soon as the release date of the product is set to 2015.

“3D Systems is collaborating with Google to develop a very high throughput, high-quality, full-color, fully-automated printer designed to print thousands of parts per day, the printer is expected to be 50x faster than current state of the art. This type of printer could catapult 3D printing forward in the manufacturing industry, with or without Project Ara’s success”

via 3D Systems to Increase 3D Printing Speeds By 50X for Google’s Project Ara – 3DPrint.com.

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