3D Printed Tiles for Your Favourite Game Now on Kickstarter

By on February 14, 2018
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Epic Sci Fi Tiles Kickstarter Campaign will still be going on for over 20 days but  it has reached its original goal in just two days.

The company Epic Dungeon Tiles created, and is selling, digital files of 3D printable tiles for users to download and print for their own tabletop RPG and war games like Dungeons and Dragons, Starfinder and Apocalypse World.

“The main concept of Epic Sci Fi Tiles is to keep it easy to create epic adventure areas whilst mainting the look and feel of sci fi. That’s why this time around we have included RPG style low walls as well as the tiles, these fit in perfectly with creating that feel of a spaceship that has landed on a desert or a remote outpost on some alien world.”

As we can read on the Kickstarter page, all the 3d printable files use the OpenLOCK license, which is open source and used of many other projects, and allows you to create awesome terrain and scenery

Many different kits are available from a starting price of 3€ up to 36€ for the Epic Pledge Level.

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