3D Printed TaskCam Requests for Pictures!

By on July 23, 2018
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Cultural probes aim to elicit unique responses by asking people to respond to a question, many times in the form of a photograph.

The most basic type in this series of cameras is known as the TaskCam, which features a 3D-printed frame and an Arduino Uno at its core. A shield with several snap-off sections provides user interface, including a trio of buttons, and a display that shows questions that are read off of a micro SD card. Users then respond to queries with photographs, saved with the corresponding question for future analysis.

“Researchers can load their own list of requests onto the camera to prepare for a study. When users take a picture, the image is tagged with the current request, and stored on a standard flash drive that can be removed for downloading.

The casing for the 3D Printed TaskCam can be printed successfully without support materials even on low-end printers.  The device requires a custom Arduino shield,  buy online at cost price, or follow the open-source plans to make yourself. Smart power management mean that two AA batteries provide more than enough power for an entire user study.”

All the components you need to build your TaskCam are:

  • TaskCam Arduino shield available here
  • Arduino Uno or compatible
  • 3D printed case download file here
  • Micro SD card
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • 2 x No.2  6.4mm self-tapping screws available here
  • Camera and battery leads (supplied with the TaskCam Arduino shield)

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