3D Printed PMG generator to power a 50W lightbulb

By on March 17, 2016
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A funny and impossible project, trying to violate the third law of thermodynamics. A 3d printer that prints a power generator to power it during the printing process!

Jokes apart, the project we are introducing today is a nice power generator (PMG permanent magnet generator), capable of switching on a 50W lightbulb (can’t now today its efficiency).

Based on what is available on the site, it suggests ABS plastic was used along with a 0.4 mm nozzle at a 0.2mm per layer resolution. All of which are common features in the hobbyist realm of 3D printing. Insulation is necessary to finish the generator so it is unknown if PLA’s lower melting point would have an effect on the structural stability of the parts once things get underway, but I imagine those specifics would be outlined in the assembly instructions.

While we’ve covered 3D printed hand-powered generators in the past, this permanent magnet generator (PMG) seems to be unique in the world of 3D printing. It’s also more powerful too. The hand-crank generator can produce up to 30 watts of power. Brian’s 3D DC based PMG generator, on the other hand, can produce up to a 50 watt output.

Source: 3D Printed PMG generator has everything you need to power a 50W lightbulb

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